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Radiation & Nuclear Disasters
5 years after Fukashima the cover up is fraying and the truth is rearing its ugly head in cancer, millenial contamination, death rates and more in Japan, the USA and more.
Terror Incidents - Propaganda vs. Reality
Realities surrounding terror acts, propaganda, exploiting acts for other purposes or covering less acceptable agendas like financial, tribal and geographic manipulation.
The PracticePreparedness way is to build preparedness through the careful assimilation of self-reliant survival skills, thoroughly tested through practice, creating a stable self-reliant way of thinking and living that then extends itself into creating and inspiring others around you to build community and in turn strengthen our towns, states and nation as a strong group of individuals standing shoulder to shoulder to better serve themselves and others around them. This is our belief in the way to preserve the gift of liberty, happiness and our great nation.
There is no disaster when you are prepared™
“Survival is Every Day, Practice!™”
Accidents happen even under normal conditions at home and work.
So why suffer?  Why not prepare for them so they are just minor annoyances, not major disasters? was created with the goal of altering your survival outcome.  A thoughtful reasoned approach to Survivalism and Preparedness with a little snivelware for fun. Upping the ante on your survival factor.  No tinfoil hats here, no extreme rhetoric, just down to earth old Boy Scout self reliance.
As Will; PracticeSurvival's founder, always says,
“Survival is Every Day, Practice!™”.
Accidents happen even under normal conditions at home and work. So why suffer?  Why not prepare for them so they are just minor annoyances, not major disasters?
Learn our logical approach to Preparedeness and Survivalism
Forget scare tactics and reactivism become more self reliant through practiced skills and preparation
Preparedness 101 Series
The Quest for Preparedness
Human nature dictates that we act to resolve threats, attain a resolution and move on.
Read the Series
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This site was created to allow us to organize SITREPS (Situation Reports) on issues, news and trends around the USA and the world, as well as other critical information in an organized and searchable manner.
We will also post, research, analyze, document and link information that your our listeners and followers send to us to.
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USA Flag - PracticeSurvival is proud to be a strong supporter of the greatest experiment of modern man a Representative Republic where the people are free. We appreciate the sacrifice of our great military personnel, law enforcement and first repsonders and their sacrifices everyday protecting our way of life.Brothers on the Square Forget Me Not
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